No summer this year..Autumn must haves

Preview of Topshop’s Autumn/winter collection
Big trends seem to be faux fur coats, pencil skirts, boots and novelty jumpers 
Looks as though its going to be a great winter already:)
One of my must haves would have to be the mulberry Polly push lock £850
If, like me, short of stealing this bag, there’s no way I’m going to own one. 
Instead, this Urban outfitters Kimchi & Blue Two-Tone Lady Bag 
is the perfect substitute at £48
Check out Mulberry’s site, its amazing.
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2 Responses to No summer this year..Autumn must haves

  1. Tanii says:

    Thank you for this great post!I think you are right,this may be the new trends of fall/winter.xx Tanja

  2. AdleyDuke says:

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