Black ankle boots for Autumn

Black ankle boots are a must have for this Autumn
Newlook have some amazing boots in for this season at reasonable prices 
but all the boots i seem to want to go for are topshop £50+ items. I’m 
not a die hard fan of eBay, but from time to time i look on there or sell 
things. I was looking for some cheap boots and stumbled across lots of 
little shops on there that sale similar boots to those of newlook etc but 
at a fraction of the price. Obviously with shoes you want to try them on 
but at these prices can you really not go for them, plus all eBay stores 
guarantee a return policy if they don’t fit or you don’t like them etc.
Wedge lace platform ankle boots 17.99 Ebay
Sherbert black block heel ankle boots £19 Ebay
Heeled square toe black suede boots £17.99 Ebay
Platform ankle boots in black, brown and more £21.99 Ebay
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