Fashion design student

this is a gallery of most of my work

putting more up soon

Also check out for more designs..



3 Responses to About

  1. Lee says:

    Fancy website flapatron!x

  2. Melissa says:

    Hello from the Clozette Team!

    We are a new fashion community and we would like to invite you to check out our new portal at http://clozette.co !

    As a follower of your fashion blog, our team has great interest in your fashion style and would like to introduce our new platform for you to inspire your great fashion style to the community!

    Clozette is a Social Fashion Portal for users to share their wardrobe items, desires and looks of the day. In the portal, our easy upload feature allows you to share your wardrobe items in one click to the community! On top of that, you can formulate your own lookbook with your Closet items or/ and with Closet items from people of the community. The community also dedicates a segment for you to upload your fashion desires to the community! Whatever more, you can inspire us with your fabulous style by uploading your Look of the Day via Clozette! If you have an iPhone, download Clozette Mobile – your personal closet on the go!

    Clozette not only serves as a portal for style exchange, we also have our very own Bazaar! Our Bazaar serves as a form of free listing for blogshops, and also a portal for you to sell your old wardrobe items! The Bazaars works as a convenient one-stop portal for you to view the selling blogshop items, saving you time from jumping from one blogshop to another. Your old wardrobe items can also be added into the Bazaar for you to replace your clothes with new ones! There are also other interesting features, such as the Swap option.
    Having just starting out, we have many areas we’re still working to enhance, however we would still like your avid support with our site and as our community size grows by the day, we make improvements day by day to make it a better site for all our members!
    Some of the new features you can look forward to in the coming months include:
    Filtering community wardrobe items by your favourite categories like Bags, Shoes, Dresses etc.
    Follow your friends or follow members with styles you adore. Put out your best wears too and get a Following for your style.Do check out our new portal, and we hope you will like it!

    Do check out our new portal, and we hope you will like it! On top of that, we have a few exciting contests (http://www.clozette.co/contest/load) running with prizes that will definitely not disappoint you! We’ve got our new FIND ME AT MANDARIN GALLERY style contest where all you have to do is take part in a simple quiz and stand to win attractive Mandarin Gallery shopping vouchers!
    Also, our second luxury bag giveaway contest, IN LOVE WITH CLASSIC contest has a MIU MIU SIGNATURE BOW BAG is up for grabs!
    Don’t miss out on your chance!

    Also, if you have any ideas for improvement or areas that you like/ dislike, please drop me an email, your suggestions are very valuable to us and we’ll be more than happy to improve our site!

    Thank you for your time, and hope you have a great time using Clozette!

    Melissa Phang

    (65) 9628 4388

    Clozette.co ~ Your Fashion Destination & Inspiration
    :: Organize your online closet
    :: :: Share & Socialize your closet beauties
    :: :: :: Shop for eclectic fashion finds

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